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Focus abas Ibérica – by DRU

By Daniel Rubio – ERP Consultant


My first Project in abas Iberica

I would like to tell you about the history of my first project in abas Iberica:


The story began a couple of years ago when Pablo assigned me a new project in abas Iberica. He told me this new project seemed to be :

“quite standard”

so apparently my first project was going to be easy…
In the first meeting the customer repeated they wanted to use the system in a standard way but after many sessions on site during the training phase I noticed that the reality could not be more different…
Later on my fears came true in the analysis phase when the initial estimation of 30 days to customize the system turned into more than 100 days!
You can imagine the steering meeting with the CEO of Burdinola when we presented the new estimation with a :

“little deviation of 300%”…

In addition, one of the main reason to choose abas ERP was the project module and nobody in abas Iberica knew how to work with it. I also remember when the customer asked many questions about it every time.
And to make my first project more interesting almost all the people involved in the project performing the customizations had less than 6 months of experience in abas Iberica (including myself with one year of experience), their sale orders or quotations contain sometimes more than 2000 lines, hundreds of items created everyday as well…
Taking into account these issues (…)… I remember one night at home asking myself why I had changed my more or less pleasant life in my previous job and remembering when Pablo said at the beginning:

“don’t worry because this project was going to be quite easy.”

But after many many many hours of work, with the help of Pablo (thank you!) and the colleagues in abas Iberica, we solved these problems and nowadays Burdinola is really happy with us, they are working with all the modules and asking for many new customizations.
In conclusion, if you believe in yourself and work hard, you will be able to make a success of every project and be sure your colleagues will help you as well.
Second conclusion: never believe in a customer if he repeats he will work with abas ERP in a standard way or in Pablo is he says a new project will be easy to manage 😊



Focus abas France – by SRE

By Sébastien Reymann – Sales Director

ACTEGA RHENACOAT, a subsidiary of the international ALTANA group, is specialized in the manufacture of paint for metal and plastic packaging. Located in the Ardennes, this company has 60 employees and a turnover of 22M€.


On my phonecall in November 2016, the IT manager confirmed an ERP project. Specifications are available, the expected response is expected by the end of December 2016 and a final choice is expected around April 2017.

Well, I’m on time.

However, he doesn’t want to send me the technical specifications because in October he did a tour of the actors at the ERP show in Paris, where we didn’t attend. While I understand that there are many competitors on the project, I insist and argue. He’s finally okay for an appointment.
They are equipped with a specific aging software as well as excel and access files, 25 workstations.
The appointment goes well: good contact, is sensitive to the messages conveyed: facility of updates, industrial expertise, methodologies, functional coverage…
I have a point of vigilance: we have no references in the process industry in France. I remain evasive and speak rather of local references. Fortunately, he is not looking deeply at this aspect.

Okay, he’ll send us the technical specifications. In order to make a good answer and to prove our expertise, we make in September a 1st data capture with Ludovic and then answer them.

We are short-listed! They don’t want to give us the name of our competitor, afterwards, we will learn that it is Navision.

In February 2017, we proceed to a 2nd data capture with Ludovic by meeting all the participants in the future demo and a complementary data capture with Didier.
In addition to Ludovic and Didier, Fabrice takes part in the demonstration and makes interventions on specific subjects.

It feels good: the contact is good and the demonstration goes very well.
I hear that they met with our customer and their neighbour Arden Equipment on their own initiative. I would have liked to be present but not always easy to control everything. Fortunately, Arden is satisfied and speaks well of us.

In April, I go to Actega to present and explain the new offer. After a small negotiation and a small financial effort (in exchange for a report), I get an oral agreement. It is now a matter of presenting the dossier to the Altana group.

Two weeks later: cold shower. Altana wants Actega to consult SAP because this is the trend of the group. The IT manager is sorry for this inconvenience, is aware that SAP is oversized for their structure!

In June, we invite our two main interlocutors to Strasbourg customer day. Excellent to stay in touch, follow the news and meet all the team. During this day, they tell us that they will be visiting the Artistica subsidiary in Vigo in July and ask us if it is possible to make an intervention. The idea is to have more weight in the group. I contact Alberto, ok great he talks about ABAS and reassures them.

Then the months pass without us being able to do much and one day in December Actega calls me to tell me that Altana is OK!

Finally SAP will never be consulted, let’s hope that we are the gateway to the group. The kick-off will take place on March 5th, time for our experts to play now.

Patience, coordination, good teamwork, great company and first French reference in this sector of activity !