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Mobile Apps project: latest news!

As you all know since the summit, we started in 2018 a (very!) important internal project, which goal is to develop our own mobile applications.

Short overview of this project

The initial scope of the project is to develop two mobile Apps for “CRM” and “Service”.

For those first application, development will be made with support of a partner, which has advanced skills in mobile application development, and which is located in Lyon. We’ve also dedicated Malo (MOD) 100% to this project.

Another goal is to develop internal skills in mobile application development, which are different than the skills required to customize abas-ERP. The technology is not the same, but also the development of mobile application implies to design a full user interface, starting from a blank page.

Those applications will be available both on iOS and Android, and will offer an online mode, as well as an offline mode (for user with no network connection or no connection to their VPN). A key point is that the switch between online or offline mode is completely transparent for the end-user. No action is required, no synchronization has to be planned by the user.

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Global challenge

This project is really challenging for our companies: for the first time, we’ll not only implement software developed by another company. With this project, we’ll now act as development companies, which implies several department: technical department of course, but also marketing and sales, to promote our new products!

Current status

We already received several development versions of the CRM app, and latest version includes around 90% of expected features.

We’ve also validated the deployment process. We’ve decided to distribute our apps through a private store, rather than the official App Store en Play Store. A private store will offer us a better control of already deployed apps for each customer.

As soon as the CRM app will be delivered with the final version, we’ll focus on the validation of the Service app specifications, in order to start its development. Our goal is to deliver the service application end of January 2019.

However, once we’ll have the CRM app available, we’ll have to push it to our customers and leads. Which means we’ll have to prepare material for the pre-sales teams, and provide support to all our project managers for the implementation of our apps (technical requirements in abas ERP, mobile devices compatibility…).

We’ll thus share with all teams involved some documentation and material in the next weeks.

Key dates

  • 24th of April 2018: kick-off
  • 14th of May 2018: first interactive wireframe of the CRM App delivered
  • 05th of July: first live demo for the Customer Day in our Lyon’s office, with iOS version and online mode
  • 22nd of October 2018: delivery of iOS CRM App
  • End of October 2018: validation of the specification of Service App
  • End of January 2019: delivery of Service App

Project Team

  • Project director: Fabrice (FMU)
  • Project manager and Product Owner: Basile (BMA)
  • Development: Malo (MOD)
  • Marketing, Corporate Identity and User Interface: Sophie (SDE)


The first months being involved on this project were intense, with lots of work to be done in a short period. But it was also very interesting to discover all new possibilities that the mobile apps offer to us. We’ve also acquired more skills with the abas Middleware (abas Rest API), and all nice possibilities it gives us to create interfaces with abas ERP.

We are actively looking for pilot customers both in France and Spain, so if you know interested customers please contact me (

“This is only the first step of the project, and I hope I’ll have lots of other good news for you in 2019!”

– Basile


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