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Focus abas Ibérica – by DRU

By Daniel Rubio – ERP Consultant


My first Project in abas Iberica

I would like to tell you about the history of my first project in abas Iberica:


The story began a couple of years ago when Pablo assigned me a new project in abas Iberica. He told me this new project seemed to be :

“quite standard”

so apparently my first project was going to be easy…
In the first meeting the customer repeated they wanted to use the system in a standard way but after many sessions on site during the training phase I noticed that the reality could not be more different…
Later on my fears came true in the analysis phase when the initial estimation of 30 days to customize the system turned into more than 100 days!
You can imagine the steering meeting with the CEO of Burdinola when we presented the new estimation with a :

“little deviation of 300%”…

In addition, one of the main reason to choose abas ERP was the project module and nobody in abas Iberica knew how to work with it. I also remember when the customer asked many questions about it every time.
And to make my first project more interesting almost all the people involved in the project performing the customizations had less than 6 months of experience in abas Iberica (including myself with one year of experience), their sale orders or quotations contain sometimes more than 2000 lines, hundreds of items created everyday as well…
Taking into account these issues (…)… I remember one night at home asking myself why I had changed my more or less pleasant life in my previous job and remembering when Pablo said at the beginning:

“don’t worry because this project was going to be quite easy.”

But after many many many hours of work, with the help of Pablo (thank you!) and the colleagues in abas Iberica, we solved these problems and nowadays Burdinola is really happy with us, they are working with all the modules and asking for many new customizations.
In conclusion, if you believe in yourself and work hard, you will be able to make a success of every project and be sure your colleagues will help you as well.
Second conclusion: never believe in a customer if he repeats he will work with abas ERP in a standard way or in Pablo is he says a new project will be easy to manage 😊



Did you know ? By PAG


That the last demos / seminars were done in the cloud using AWS infrastructure?

I am sure you have already heard about ABAS going Cloud. In fact, this is a key strategy for abas as a whole, and no matter if we speak about full cloud or hybrid solutions (such as abas BPM), it affects us in many interesting ways!

As you already know, for the implementation of the Cloud, we are working together with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are already in contact with Amazon at different levels (In Spain/France or ABAS Software AG in Germany).

And we already have achieved some amazing stuff! For instance, in Spain we are already doing our first demos and seminars with abas on the Cloud. No need to connect to a local mini-server any more. Apart from doing things a lot easier (yes, forget about taking the server with you to the demo) and giving us new possibilities to prepare the demos or to integrate new tools, at the same time we are showing a real solution to meet the ever-growing Cloud requirements of our potential customers. And regarding response time, usability, etc. you do not feel a difference, providing you have a good internet connection (4G should be enough).

If we can take anything for granted in the sector we are in, is that the number of companies going cloud (also SMB manufacturers) will grow rapidly and constantly in the near future. For us, no doubt about it, the Cloud is the place to be.

If you have any question on this topic, feel free to contact Pablo: p.agruna@abas.es